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Things Manchester is a community of people who are building a crowdsourced Internet of Things network for the benefit of anyone who wants to explore and create, products and services for themselves, their communities and business. It is an open community that encourages everyone to participate, share knowledge and ideas, and help build a resource for everyone.
Things Manchester is part of The Things Network. Started in 2015, it crowdsourced a city-wide public Internet of Things data network for Amsterdam in six weeks using a new technology named LoraWAN™. This community endeavour has inspired people around the world to do the same and build networks for their communities.


Our network in Greater Manchester covers the city centre, south Manchester, Salford, Trafford and Tameside and is expanding all the time. We build infrastructure, devices and run workshops for communities, businesses and the public sector alike. In June 1017 as part of ThingsNorth, we were awarded The Big Chip IoT Impact Award.
If you want to find out more, drop us a line, come to one of our regular free events or follow us on Twitter @ThingsMcr

To the edge of the Earth

By Julian Tait | September 19, 2017 | 0 Comments

Calling all Things people.

We have been talking to the good people at the Manchester Space Programme and have the chance to launch a small device into the outer atmosphere on a weather balloon. Manchester Space Programme are a community of people based at Madlab who regularly use high altitude balloons to carry test equipment and experiments.

The launch site is near Macclesfield and the prevailing winds should allow us to utilise the Things Network coverage from Liverpool through to Hull as the balloon flies eastward. The balloon should reach into the stratosphere at a height of approximately 20 miles with a flight time of approximately 3.5 hours

Do you have a device that could go on the next mission. The requirements are:

  • It has to be small – no larger than 6cm in length
  • It has to be light – up to 250 grams
  • It has to be able to operate in low temperatures -5C in the capsule, if measuring external temps can get down to -65C
  • It has to operate at low air pressure 1,000 times lower than normal atmospheric pressure
  • It has to be able to operate for 4 hours
  • Ideally it needs to have GPS
  • Ideally it should measure something


Let us know if you have something that could fly by contacting us at julian[at]thegarden[dot]io

Some uses of The Things Network

Environment Sensing

The Things Network and environmental sensing are made for each other. Traditionally pollution monitoring is a costly business with large installations permanently connected to the internet and mains. The advent of LoRaWAN and the ready availability of low cost sensors has now created the possibility of deploying inexpensive battery sensors that can connect through to your applications

Flood Monitoring

Winter 2015 saw an unprecedented amount of rainfall. Many areas in the North of England became inundated. The Environment Agency has a network of flood sensors but these are dispersed. Projects such as the Oxford Flood Network are building low-cost, low-power sensors to fill the gaps. Many of these are LoRaWAN enabled, offering the chance for communities to react quickly to potential flooding events.

Your Idea...

What can you do with a public Internet of Things network? Things Manchester is a public network that allows you to build and try out ideas that could benefit you, your business and your community. Devices can last for years on a set of batteries, be remotely located and easy to deploy. If you have an idea, want to help build the network or just want to find out what the Internet of Things can do for you, sign up and drop in.

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