To the edge of the Earth

Calling all Things people.

We have been talking to the good people at the Manchester Space Programme and have the chance to launch a small device into the outer atmosphere on a weather balloon. Manchester Space Programme are a community of people based at Madlab who regularly use high altitude balloons to carry test equipment and experiments.

The launch site is near Macclesfield and the prevailing winds should allow us to utilise the Things Network coverage from Liverpool through to Hull as the balloon flies eastward. The balloon should reach into the stratosphere at a height of approximately 20 miles with a flight time of approximately 3.5 hours

Do you have a device that could go on the next mission. The requirements are:

  • It has to be small – no larger than 6cm in length
  • It has to be light – up to 250 grams
  • It has to be able to operate in low temperatures -5C in the capsule, if measuring external temps can get down to -65C
  • It has to operate at low air pressure 1,000 times lower than normal atmospheric pressure
  • It has to be able to operate for 4 hours
  • Ideally it needs to have GPS
  • Ideally it should measure something


Let us know if you have something that could fly by contacting us at julian[at]thegarden[dot]io

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