Using the Network

ThingsManchester is the regional group of The ThingsNetwork, which uses standard LoRaWAN radio communications to publish packets signed with the ThingsNetwork key to public IP gateways in Europe and the UK, providing a needs-driven and free-to-use Internet of Things radio infrastructure.

You don't need developer accounts or permission to use The ThingsNetwork - just a device equipped with a Microchip RN2483 (or compatible) chip and the ability to use a serial modem.

Pre-flight Checks

Are you covered by the Network?

You may already be covered by ThingsManchester's network - check our Gateway Map.

If not, you can purchase and install your own gateway as part of the ThingsNetwork - we have a page with recommended hardware we have experience of. If you do so, please let us know and add it to the map.

Do you have suitable nodes?

Knowing you have network coverage, you'll need a device to communicate with the network.

The Microchip RN2483 is a cheap serial port radio chip, which can be used with a PC (with a housing adapter) or driven by an Arduino (or similar) controller.

I just need keys!

Click for network keys and chat strings to sign-on to The ThingsNetwork.

I need hardware!

Click for example devices and gateways that can be used with The ThingsNetwork.

I need reference code!

Click for chat strings and example Arduino code to use with The ThingsNetwork.

I Need People!

Click to get in touch with other ThingsManchester members, and find out when our next social is.